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Workplace Mental Fitness

PWC found the ROI on every dollar spent on mental health initiatives was $2.30 - your biggest business ROI opportunity

Workplace Training Seminars, EAP Counselling, Strategy Support

Research very clearly shows that paying attention to, prioritising the mental fitness of your workforce is simply good business:

  • costs reduced by up to 43% including reduced staff sick leave, grievances and compensation claims

  • higher staff morale with staff loyalty increased by up to 38%

  • staff turnover reduced by up to 69%

  • improved financial performance, higher shareholder returns, market value

  • increased workforce productivity

  • improving employer brand, attracting better quality talent and reducing salary premiums

  • 62% of consumers stopped dealing with organisations which treat employees poorly

  • ensuring compliance with health and safety laws

Tony draws on his +40 years international executive experience in both the private sector (ANZ, PWC, Toll, Elders) and public sector (Department Human Services, Department Treasury, Monash University), to deliver a broad range of tailored mental fitness education services, including seminars and individual EAP Counselling, that will be good for business.


Earliest, proactive intervention on mental health initaitves will deliver the best commerical outcomes. 

Mental Fitness Training Seminars

Seminars are tailored for each business, so contact Tony using the numbers at the top of this page. Seminars often cover such matters as:

  • What is Mental Fitness, and how distress impacts health, relationships and performance

  • 10 strategies for becoming mentally fitter

  • Understanding Depression, Anxiety, Stress and knowing when help is needed

  • Anxiety - Causes, Coping, Cures

  • Building mentally fit workplaces

  • Supporting family, friends, colleagues with their mental health

  • Effectively handling difficult conversations with others

  • Helping others to navigate change in the workplace

  • Leadship strategies to create a mentally healthy workplace

  • Creating psychological safety at work

  • Wiping out workplace bullying, sexual harrassment, assault

  • Post-pandemic recovery strategies

EAP Counselling

Employers utilise Tony on a casual basis to provide counselling support to individual employees experiencing distress in their lives at home and in the workplace. No EAP contract is required for this service.

Mental Healthy Workplace Strategy Support

Employers also consult Tony on developing the mental health aspects of their Business Strategy in their efforts to ensure they are conducting mentally healthy workplaces and meet their legal health and safety compliance obligations. 

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